Item Creation notes

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Artificer Item creation in a nutshell:

The Item Creation ability grants the Artificer the ability to substitute any spell needed to create an item with a Use Magic Device check instead. The DC of this check is 20 + Caster Level. Caster Level is considered to be the minimum level a caster would have to be to normally cast that spell. He can also emulate alignment and racial requirements for item creation using this skill. You still need the relevant Item creation Feat to make the item in question, though Artificers gain nearly every Item Creation Feat as they gain levels in their class.

Keep in mind that appropriate crafting skills or other base materials may have to be provided to create certain items, i.e. you cannot create a magic sword without having first forged or purchased a masterwork sword.

Level 1: Scribe Scroll
Level 2: Brew Potion
Level 3: Craft Wondrous Item
Level 4: Craft humunculus
Level 5: Craft Magical Arms and Armor
Level 7: Craft Wand
Level 9: Craft Rod
Level 12: Craft Staff
Level 14: Forge Ring

The Artificer can use his Craft Reserve pool to substitute the XP cost of creating an Item. Any points not spent from the Craft Reserve pool will be lost when the Artificer gains a new level in the Artificer class. At level 5, the Artificer gains the Retain Essence ability, allowing him to salvage XP from a magic item and add it to his Craft Reserve pool. This takes 1 day per item and destroys the item.

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Item Creation notes

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