Ephemeral Drift

Botched rescue

Placeholder, events of the night go here

Loot Gained:

amethyst (100g), coral (100g), red-brown spinel (100g), blood stone (50g), carnelian (50g)
+400 gp (80gp each)
1 potion cure light wounds
cloth of gold vestments (105g)

paper, written in Orc:
Instructions for the goblins to scout out the town and to keep an eye out for a cleric (Gavin)
Signed with the letter V

Lakeside intrigue

The party arrives safely in Lakeside. They are approached by a gate guard and after identifying them as not being goblins they are lead into the city and to an inn near the town center. The guard then brings the Mayor to interview the party.

After the mayor leaves the group is approached by an anxious adventurer (Alanna) wanting to know more about the troubles outside and if they have plans to leave the city soon. They group is cautious around her with their answers, not knowing who to trust in town.

Afterwards the party takes the corpse of Gavin to the local church of Dol Arrah. The priest Charles is in charge and is saddened by the loss of a friend. The group makes arrangements to return the next day to see if the priest knows what business Gavin may have been killed over.

While returning to the inn, the group catches glimpses of someone following them, but never discover who it is.

The next morning the group heads back to the church and talks to the priest and finds out that Gavin had been talking to a merchant named Derrek that ran a shop called the witches brew.

Cora and Javen ask around town and find that Derrek is known to have many shady contacts and that recently he has become very recluse, and no one has seen his family for several days.

Cora and Javen go to visit Derrek and find that a goblin has kidnapped his family and extorted the information about Gavin’s whereabouts so that they could ambush him. He knows the golblins are in the caves north of the town. Cora and Javen promise to attempt a rescue of the family members. Derrek provides Cora with two Cure light wounds potions to assist our attempt.

In the meantime, Trallis acquired two guard dogs (pupples and woofles) and started training them. While Erstatz is busy making some magical items.

Everyone regrouped at the inn and they recruited Alanna to go out in the morning and find this cave of goblins and attempt a rescue, and to hopefully find more answers.

Ersatz mental log. Planetary date: day 2.

The rings. Those we secured from the zombies on our first stop on this rough and bumpy trip up and around the lake. They are still on my mind. Scribbles surround them, words of some form of power. They offer some amount of health to their wearer, but on initial look, I saw little.
The efforts of a band of goblins resulted in our loss of our priest today. Withdrawn, I knew little of him, except that he had bandages in his bag that I later needed. Some pieces fell into place this night, however. With the rings that is. I still don’t know what the connection was between the goblin’s single-minded desire to end the priest, although some controlling interest is certainly a possibility. I’ve seen goblins in the past, but never so well trimmed and similarly clad in real armor. I do have to say though…. My new shield will be handy!
The priest, or what was the priest before he was thoroughly pierced by the goblin javelins, lay before me and something in my thoughts clicked. The rings. Could they bring his body back to life? Is that why the zombies from our earlier encounter all came at us in concert? I decided to find out. After all, the priest wouldn’t want us to lack for information if someone wanted him dead so badly. That’s when I decided to try the ring on his corpse. After all, he was already dead. I had never heard of the dead being capable of thought or typical racial action. As I surreptitiously slid the ring onto his still warm finger, I pulled my mace from my belt. If he rose, I would end his rise quickly. I had no idea it would work so swiftly! I was so surprised that I did not even end his second zombie life in a single blow. That damn zombie, however, put a major dent in my own head! Thank goodness the Halfling was nearby to end the zombie for good. But now I know. I know for certain there is more to those rings. And what is more… somehow the little halfling’s possession of one of more of them turned the zombie’s eyes away from him. I saw the blank look as the newly risen corpse spun to me and its focus settled. I need to examine the rings more closely. This bandage across my head has stopped my bleeding, but my brain keeps thinking about the rings and how I can consume their magic or turn it to my advantage as my head throbs in time to my heartbeat. Perhaps I need to examine all the rings and search for differences among them…

Goblin Ambush
A cleric falls...

While continuing their journey, the group sets a regular watch where Javen watches the group at night with Ersatz joining him midway through the night. On the first night after leaving the area where the zombie attack occurred, Javen is approached by the strange human cleric. He opens up to him somewhat but is still untrusting towards him. Later that night Javen lets Ersatz inspect the remaining rings. Ersatz finds them all to be of one kind, though the initial identification seems to be off in some way.

Two nights later the cleric approaches Javen again, this time confiding to him further that he is a priest of the Silver Flame. Javen is weary of finding a fellow brother in a hostile land and does not reveal his affiliation with the church. The cleric (Gavin) tell Javen that he is involved with a mission about some growing evil nearby, but gets frustrated and walks off into the night. At this time Javen notices that there are goblins nearby ready to ambush the group.

The goblins focus their attacks on Gavin, who dies during the battle. the group manages to kill all but one of the goblin ambushers, this lone goblin flees into the night. The group stabilizes two of the goblins and gathers them for questioning.

At this point Ersatz puts one of the rings on the corpse of Gavin, and Gavin then rises as a newly made zombie, much to the horror of Grogg. Ersatz and Javen quickly dispatch this newly made zombie.

While Javen consoles Grogg and tries to learn more of Gavin’s mission, Cora and Ersatz question the two living goblins. They indicate that they are organized and have many allies that will hunt the group. After the questioning leads to a dead end, Javen executes the goblins and the group loads up the caravan and gets moving through the night towards their destination.

Gavin’s corpse is loaded into a wagon. Cora drives the wagon previously lead by Gavin, and the group sets off into the night, with Ersatz resting in one wagon and Trallis taking point leading the group and Javen pulling up the rear looking to see if they are being followed.

Zombie Attack

While escorting the caravan owned by Grogg Ironbottom, the group gets to know each other a little. A strange man who appears to be a cleric drives the second caravan wagon.

Javen volunteers to take the night watch so long as he is allowed to sleep in the afternoons on the wagon. While asleep, zombies approach the group. Ersatz sees them and alerts the group awakening Javen. After a long fight the group is victorious over the zombies. After inspecting the corpses Javen finds a gold ring on each, and a scroll of identification on one. While collecting the rings one of them begins to float in the air for awhile before falling to the ground.

Ersatz can tell that the rings are magical in nature and Cora is able to use the scroll to determine that one of the rings gives +2 Con, but something seems off about the rings to Ersatz. Trallis wants to try the rings on, but the rest of the group agrees to keep them safe for now and have Ersatz use his knowledge to determine their effects.

The caravan continues its journey.

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