Ephemeral Drift

Zombie Attack

While escorting the caravan owned by Grogg Ironbottom, the group gets to know each other a little. A strange man who appears to be a cleric drives the second caravan wagon.

Javen volunteers to take the night watch so long as he is allowed to sleep in the afternoons on the wagon. While asleep, zombies approach the group. Ersatz sees them and alerts the group awakening Javen. After a long fight the group is victorious over the zombies. After inspecting the corpses Javen finds a gold ring on each, and a scroll of identification on one. While collecting the rings one of them begins to float in the air for awhile before falling to the ground.

Ersatz can tell that the rings are magical in nature and Cora is able to use the scroll to determine that one of the rings gives +2 Con, but something seems off about the rings to Ersatz. Trallis wants to try the rings on, but the rest of the group agrees to keep them safe for now and have Ersatz use his knowledge to determine their effects.

The caravan continues its journey.



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