Ephemeral Drift

Goblin Ambush

A cleric falls...

While continuing their journey, the group sets a regular watch where Javen watches the group at night with Ersatz joining him midway through the night. On the first night after leaving the area where the zombie attack occurred, Javen is approached by the strange human cleric. He opens up to him somewhat but is still untrusting towards him. Later that night Javen lets Ersatz inspect the remaining rings. Ersatz finds them all to be of one kind, though the initial identification seems to be off in some way.

Two nights later the cleric approaches Javen again, this time confiding to him further that he is a priest of the Silver Flame. Javen is weary of finding a fellow brother in a hostile land and does not reveal his affiliation with the church. The cleric (Gavin) tell Javen that he is involved with a mission about some growing evil nearby, but gets frustrated and walks off into the night. At this time Javen notices that there are goblins nearby ready to ambush the group.

The goblins focus their attacks on Gavin, who dies during the battle. the group manages to kill all but one of the goblin ambushers, this lone goblin flees into the night. The group stabilizes two of the goblins and gathers them for questioning.

At this point Ersatz puts one of the rings on the corpse of Gavin, and Gavin then rises as a newly made zombie, much to the horror of Grogg. Ersatz and Javen quickly dispatch this newly made zombie.

While Javen consoles Grogg and tries to learn more of Gavin’s mission, Cora and Ersatz question the two living goblins. They indicate that they are organized and have many allies that will hunt the group. After the questioning leads to a dead end, Javen executes the goblins and the group loads up the caravan and gets moving through the night towards their destination.

Gavin’s corpse is loaded into a wagon. Cora drives the wagon previously lead by Gavin, and the group sets off into the night, with Ersatz resting in one wagon and Trallis taking point leading the group and Javen pulling up the rear looking to see if they are being followed.



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