Ephemeral Drift

Ersatz mental log. Planetary date: day 2.

The rings. Those we secured from the zombies on our first stop on this rough and bumpy trip up and around the lake. They are still on my mind. Scribbles surround them, words of some form of power. They offer some amount of health to their wearer, but on initial look, I saw little.
The efforts of a band of goblins resulted in our loss of our priest today. Withdrawn, I knew little of him, except that he had bandages in his bag that I later needed. Some pieces fell into place this night, however. With the rings that is. I still don’t know what the connection was between the goblin’s single-minded desire to end the priest, although some controlling interest is certainly a possibility. I’ve seen goblins in the past, but never so well trimmed and similarly clad in real armor. I do have to say though…. My new shield will be handy!
The priest, or what was the priest before he was thoroughly pierced by the goblin javelins, lay before me and something in my thoughts clicked. The rings. Could they bring his body back to life? Is that why the zombies from our earlier encounter all came at us in concert? I decided to find out. After all, the priest wouldn’t want us to lack for information if someone wanted him dead so badly. That’s when I decided to try the ring on his corpse. After all, he was already dead. I had never heard of the dead being capable of thought or typical racial action. As I surreptitiously slid the ring onto his still warm finger, I pulled my mace from my belt. If he rose, I would end his rise quickly. I had no idea it would work so swiftly! I was so surprised that I did not even end his second zombie life in a single blow. That damn zombie, however, put a major dent in my own head! Thank goodness the Halfling was nearby to end the zombie for good. But now I know. I know for certain there is more to those rings. And what is more… somehow the little halfling’s possession of one of more of them turned the zombie’s eyes away from him. I saw the blank look as the newly risen corpse spun to me and its focus settled. I need to examine the rings more closely. This bandage across my head has stopped my bleeding, but my brain keeps thinking about the rings and how I can consume their magic or turn it to my advantage as my head throbs in time to my heartbeat. Perhaps I need to examine all the rings and search for differences among them…



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